Foodfestivals in Brabant

With its exceptional culinary and gastronomic tradition, Brabant has its honour to uphold. The Brabant Celebrates Food programme is the perfect opportunity to bring that tradition to the attention of a large audience. We are proud of what we used to do, what we do today and all the things we plan for the future. Brabant is the most innovative province when it comes to food and with outdoor food concepts, it uniquely responds to changing consumption behaviour. The consumer demands extra attention for fresh and healthy, sustainability, a convivial atmosphere and experiencing authentic flavours. And preferably at a unique location or outside; on a square, in a park or the woods.


In summer, we went to various food festivals with our team of foodies. And it wasn’t a chore. There were a few things that really stood out.

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Brabant in top 3

Food (truck) festivals are still very popular. Brabant is one of the top 3 provinces with the most food festivals.

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Are you also a fan of festivals? Nice and relaxed, lounging around, enjoying tasty snacks from one of the food trucks or stands, and sipping a delicious drink. Add some music and, if you’re lucky, glorious weather. Then Brabant is the place to be. In the coming months, there are various food festivals planned. There will certainly be something for you among them!