Gastronomy in Brabant

Gastronomic, welcoming North Brabant!

Brabant is well known for its hospitality

North Brabant has a unique culinary and gastronomic culture. It's the most innovative province of Europe when it comes to sustainable food production. The province has no fewer than 16 Michelin-starred restaurants, more than average, given the size of the province. But of course it's not just these stars that stand out. Every village and city has its own gems, where chefs prepare food full of creativity, using beautiful produce, often grown locally; and where hosts and hostesses are ready to receive guests with warmth and the characteristic welcome that Brabant is known for.

It's not for nothing that North Brabant was named European Region of Gastronomy this year. This whole year, even more attention will be paid to anything to do with food and drink. From the farm to the plate, so everything that has to do with (making) food and enjoying it. A festive year that will be celebrated with new culinary concepts, tasty events and innovative food developments. Brabant Celebrates Food. Will you come and celebrate with us?


Cooking in Church

One of the initiatives in this vein is the pop-up restaurant GAST in 's-Hertogenbosch. 28 Chefs from Brabant will worship at the altar of food in this former chapel that will serve as a pop-up restaurant in 2018. The Chapel in the old monastery in the Gasthuiskwartier in 's-Hertogenbosch has been converted into a unique and atmospheric pop-up restaurant - they've ensured that many of the original architecture was preserved in the process - and throughout the year, various culinary events will be organised: from cooking workshops to themed dinners and from masterclasses to culinary concerts.  Chefs will prepare food from the former altar in the chapel, and tell you stories about our food at the same time.

Nord Brabant Culinair

The hosts at GAST are chefs affiliated with Nord Brabant Culinair (North Brabant Culinary) - an association of the best restaurants in Brabant. Together, they want to show what Brabant has to offer in the area of gastronomy, and it's their goal to preserve the cultural and culinary heritage of Brabant. Restaurants that want to share their love of Brabant and all the grows and blossoms here. Top chefs including Soenil Bahadoer of Restaurant De Lindehof** in Nuenen, Dennis Middeldorp of Sense* in 's-Hertogenbosch and the team at the promising Restaurant Lenartz in Oisterwijk have left their own kitchens behind to serve a unique dinner at GAST. Here you can find out more about what you can expect at GAST this year.

Enjoy Brabant Programme

Noord-Brabant Culinair have developed a special programme for those who love food and life: the Enjoy Brabant Programme. You can get a free privilege card through any of the associated restaurants or via You can use this card to get access to all sorts of special events related to enjoying food and drink, culture, nature, art and music. Special events will be organised especially for card holders. What about a cooking workshop led by a top chef, or a welcome to the VIP deck of a culinary festival, a culinary cycling tour, or an exclusive package including access to the Guus Meeuwis concerts? The NBC privilege card will give you access to experiences that are not available to others, and you'll be the first to hear about them.

Brabant Celebrates Food.

Noord Brabant is one of the most important culinary regions of Europe: you can really experience food in Brabant! That's something we're proud of and keen to publicise. But mostly it's something to enjoy fully, every single day!