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Gastronomy, hospitality, innovation and pleasure are all on the menu for Noord-Brabant: European Region of Gastronomy 2018

This year, Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands carries the title European Region of Gastronomy, which it shares with Galway in Ireland. A title that is fitting for a province with a long history of food innovation and a rich gastronomical tradition. We will celebrate our new title with an inspiring series of innovative events for the agri-food sector, combined with a tantalising series of events for the public - both residents and visitors to the area. From tackling food waste together to producing food together, from a pop-up restaurant with several Michelin stars to a seafood festival: it'll be a feast for the senses combined with a sneak peek into the future of food. Noord-Brabant European Region of Gastronomy 2018 is an initiative of the province of Noord-Brabant and AgriFood Capital.

Making and experiencing food, that is what Brabant has always been good at. And we want to keep it that way. As European Region of Gastronomy, Brabant will therefore, as the first province in the Netherlands, be contributing to the food agenda of the future. Initiators AgriFood Capital and the province of Noord Brabant, together with Brabant municipalities and regions, will be investing more than 2.5 million euros in a sensational programme for 2018. A programme that demonstrates what Brabant is made of: passion and resourcefulness and a healthy appreciation for a good meal and a little something to drink.

Every part of Brabant will be bubbling, for ten whole months. That’s unique for the region and unique for the Netherlands. For the project We Are Food, entrepreneurs, universities, students, healthcare professionals, researchers, chefs and food experts will combine forces to re-invent our food system. With the Brabant Celebrates Food campaign, carried out by VisitBrabant, Brabant plans to draw attention to itself, both nationally and internationally, as a welcoming centre of gastronomy.

We Are Food - Food is made in Brabant

From March 2018, We Are Food will highlight one current food innovation theme every month for 10 months. The ten themes were proposed by food entrepreneurs, consumers, healthcare professionals, students and others from Brabant. Every month has one or more organisers. Together, they're the face of We Are Food: an inspiring mix of established entrepreneurs and novice revolutionaries. They have one thing in common: they have a challenge, a plan, a dream. In 2018, they want to try to realise those dreams together and ensure their usefulness in the years ahead. The umbrella term we have chosen for this project is The Kitchen of Brabant. A special place where teams works together towards a concrete outcome under the inspirational leadership of a Kitchen Chef. From March this year, one of these 'kitchens' of Brabant will come to the fore each month, and the team will respond to a joint challenge. The programme will start with 'Together against food waste' and finish in December with 'Hospitality of Brabant'. The intervening months will have the following themes: giving prominence to products from Brabant, less Diabetes 2 with better food, the healthy school, new ways of producing food, a healthier lifestyle for communities, producing food together, startups in data and food, and self-reliance for the elderly. We Are Food is a dynamic movement that stimulates innovative entrepreneurship in food.

Brabant Celebrates Food - Food is experienced in Brabant

Brabant has a rich gastronomic history, and Brabant is also widely-known as a welcoming place. But what do typical dishes from Van Gogh’s homeland taste like? What happens when Dutch design creates the dish of the future? Which of the 19 Michelin stars will tantalise your taste buds? And is Brabant hospitality sweet or savoury?

With the Brabant Celebrates Food campaign, the region invites both residents and visitors for a discovery tour, looking at gastronomic heritage, adventures in food, and the welcoming atmosphere of Brabant. The four regions of Brabant have developed a richly-varied programme for this year, and the leisure sector too is gearing up for some unforgettable food experiences in 2018. The programme will start in February with GAST, the North Brabant culinary pop-up restaurant where many of Brabant's 19 Michelin stars will go into battle with new themes in food and cultural icons from Brabant. The Jan Cunen Museum in Oss features an exhibition entitled 'We Are Food - on the art of food'. On 2 June, VisitBrabant partners will present top packages in Brabant where experiencing food is a central theme. The Land van Cuijk, Maashorst and the Hart van Brabant regions will demonstrate how food fits in to tradition, both old and new. In Eindhoven, the link between food and technology, design and knowledge will be demonstrated, while visitors to West Brabant will get to know all about fishing in Brabant, as well as being tempted by sweet treats.

Go signal 1 March

On 1 March, the official 'Go' signal for the North Brabant European Region of Gastronomy 2018 will be given on the Noordkade in Veghel. Both the Brabant 'kitchens' and the programme of events for the public will be presented to stakeholders and the media. From that point, the Brabant Celebrates Food campaign will also begin. You can find the food innovators, the current programme and the complete 2018 programme of activities on and on


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